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Beta Connect programs aim to impact self-management practices in youth by helping them to understand their personal diabetes story and dynamic relationship to it. Designed as a functional template, programs are replicable by design and can be incorporated into any healthcare center or hospital, community center, JDRF chapter, CDN chapter, etc.

Wait, what? Positive language practices? Yes!

Inspired by the incredible mission of a Diabetes Camp called Bearskin Meadows, Beta Connect developed new training methods for mentors that function to inspire reflection and the development of positive coping strategies in the mentors themselves. Positive language practices include the rephrasing of the word “test” to “check”, or of relinquishing an emotional reaction to a high or low number, among many others.



Insulliance band

Insulliance connects young adults who have been living with diabetes with newly diagnosed youth and youth struggling to manage their diabetes. Mentors provide emotional support and helpful information to youth living with Type 1 diabetes and their families. Mentors impact their mentee’s diabetes management through self-empowerment and by showing them that diabetes hardships are shared. Insulliance is designed to be implemented in hospitals and healthcare centers. It has HIPAA laws built into the fabric of the system and carries the potential to transform the current model of pediatric diabetic treatment.


3 thoughts on “Our Programs

  1. […] two key Beta Connect programs Heather’s kicked off within less than a year Insulliance and ConnectT1D, both focused on […]

  2. James C says:

    Sorry if I’m just being slow here, but how do you access Insulliance programs?
    I have a teen with T1 and we are struggling with certain aspects, so would be very interested in getting help from positive/empowering older teens.
    Is there a program in NY?

    • saraht1dm says:

      Hi James!

      Thank you for your message! At present, there aren’t any Insulliance programs available outside of California, but we are very interested in expanding the program to pediatric hospitals in Chicago, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Heather and I would be more than happy to speak to you about your teen. Please feel free to contact me at sarah@betaconnect.org or Heather at heather@betaconnect.org.

      Thank you,


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